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Hosting an event at the Harvard Museum of Natural History is an opportunity for private groups and organizations to experience the museum at a time when it is not open to the public. Event rentals include full access to special exhibitions and galleries, including the Glass Flowers gallery and zoological and mineralogical galleries.

Featured spaces

Earth & Planetary Sciences Gallery

Gallery space for receptions or intimate sit down dinners. The Earth & Planetary Sciences Gallery showcases a stunning array of minerals and gems from around the world. Discover dazzling specimens of every color, including a 1,600 pound amethyst geode. Touch and examine meteorites from outer space and learn about meteor impacts in an interactive video.

Great Mammal Hall

The Great Mammal Hall is the oldest and most dramatic gallery in the museum, with a 19th century arrangement of specimens that includes a full-sized giraffe and three whale skeletons suspended from the rafters. In the balcony, you'll find Harvard's extensive collection of birds.

Romer Hall (fossil room)

The evolutionary history of vertebrates began more than 500 million years ago (mya). In Romer Hall explore this history with spectacular fossils including the 42-foot long Kronosaurus from 153 mya, a plateosaurus from the upper Triassic (~210 mya), and the type specimen of a triceratops from the late Cretaceaous (~ 70 mya).

26 Oxford St, Cambridge MA

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Receptions, seated dinners




225 Seated, 400 Reception


Full access to special exhibitions and galleries, including the Glass Flowers gallery and zoological and mineralogical galleries


Crimson Catering preferred, however not exclusive


Available outside of normal business hours (9a-5p daily)

Polices and Procedures
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View policies

Polices and Procedures

  • All proposed wording of notices, invitations, and/or press releases, as well as images, in relation with the event must be provided to and approved by the HMNH prior to printing and circulation.
  • A guest list including names and addresses of those planning to attend the event must be submitted to the museum within two days prior to the event. The HMNH reserves the right to invite listed guests to become members of the museum.
  • The use of audio or visual equipment, lighting, media and photography, and vendors must be approved by the museum. All photography within the museum is for private use only and may not be published or displayed publicly without explicit permission from the museum.
  • For the safety of the museum’s collections dancing is not permitted.

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